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Malcolm McLaren
Buffalo Gals (1982)

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Acknowledging that rock had lost control of the cutting edge of popular culture to hip hop, the poster for Malcolm McLaren’s single ‘Buffalo Gals’ is perhaps the first use of the twin-deck icon in promotional material. The amateurish photomontage harks back to punk, while the faceless focus on technology echoes the imagery employed at the time by austere electronica acts like Cabaret Voltaire.
Following the ‘now form a band’ message of 1977 punk, the small print tells you how to scratch:
Two manual decks and a rhythm box is all you need. Get a bunch of good rhythm records, choose your favourite part and groove along with the rhythm machine. Using your hands, scratch the records repeating the grooves you dig so much. Fade one record into the other and keep that rhythm box going. Now start talking and singing over the record with your own microphone. Now you’re making your own music out of other people’s records. That’s what scratching is.

(Island/Atco) 20 x 30 inches, 76 x 50.5cm