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Meet the Authors

Mr Crimlis, 1981 ROGER CRIMLIS began his long-standing obsession with posters while at school in Hull, when he would scrounge ex-display copies from record shops. His collection of 1970s posters is believed to be one of the largest in Britain. Formerly the guitarist with cult bands Zip Zip Undo Me and My Life Story, he is now an architect living in London. His favourite song is 'Louie Louie' and he once had perfume poured on him by Gaye Advert.
Mr Turner, 1981 ALWYN W TURNER, once described by the Melody Maker as a 'demented Sunday School teacher', is now a writer specializing in British popular culture in the 1960s and 70s. He is the author of The Biba Experience, an account of the ultimate glam department store, founder of the website Trash Fiction and editor of the forthcoming Portmeirion. Together with his father, Gordon Turner, he is also the co-author of four books on British military bands.

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