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Here Come the Warm Jets (1972)

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‘To be honest, I don’t like advertising campaigns,’ said Brian Eno in 1978. ‘They make me nervous, because I think all that can happen when you do that is disappoint people.’
The sleeve to his first solo album showed a jumble of objects arranged on a shelving unit, with only a small photograph of the artist. The poster for the album and its accompanying tour ignored that artwork entirely to present a darker, more exotic image that pushed Eno’s glam image. Even the lettering from the album sleeve was jettisoned in favour of a sleek typeface that drew on the contemporary art deco revival. Eno's companions are Judy Nylon (left), later of the art-punk band Snatch, and Polly Eltes (right), who went on to sing on Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy).

(Island Records) 20 x 29 inches, 73 x 50.5cm