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suffragette cities

For a decade in the 1970s, rock music was dominated by the Transatlantic trade route between London and New York. From glam through punk and new wave to the birth of hip-hop, the musicians of the two cities existed in an uneasy relationship, torn between collaboration and rivalry, inspiration and suspicion.

The musical connexions were replicated in the images and imagery used by the artists. Suffragette Cities is the first exhibition to celebrate this love/hate affair with a selection of original posters that illustrate the links.

It brings together iconic images and fabulously rare pieces, often battered by the passing years, but still uniquely capable of offering a graphic account of how London saw New York at a time when both were becoming increasingly distant from their own countries.

Featuring posters of the New York Dolls, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Ian Dury, Patti Smith, Adam & The Ants, Blondie, David Bowie, The Ramones, X Ray Spex and many many more.

Curated by Roger Crimlis, architect and former guitarist with cult band My Life Story, and Alwyn W Turner, author of the acclaimed book The Biba Experience.

Suffragette Cities
The Pentagram Gallery
11 Needham Road, London W11
Monday 11 July - Friday 12 August 2005

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