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Big Biba
by Steven Thomas & Alwyn W Turner

i. biba insiders

these are sites featuring people who helped shape Biba

Barbara Hulanicki - home page

Malcolm Bird - site for The Piggles, characters created by Malcolm with Alan Dart

Kasia Charko - home page

Delisia Howard - fabulous new book, In Biba

Andrew Logan - home page

John McConnell - official site of Pentagram, the design company of which John is a Partner

Tony Porter - home page including details of his book The Great White Palace

Steve Thomas - home page of the designer of Big Biba

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ii. other interviewees

sites of other people who are featured in The Biba Experience

Adam Ant - singer

April Ashley - restauranter & campaigner

Angie Bowie - poet & performer

Ian Dickson - photographer

Norma Kamali - New York designer

John Ritblat - official site of British Land

Mick Rock - photographer

Trevor Sorbie - hairdresser

Peter Westcott - knitwear designer

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iii. related sites

friends and relations

Alwyn W Turner - homepage of the author

Antique Collectors' Club - our publishers

Biba's Back - the publishers' website for the book

Biba Collection - Pari's website

Biba - the musical

Julie's Restaurant - official site of restaurant founded by Julie Hodgess

Marchesa Casati - the world's most glamorous and decadent woman, whose ghost must surely have hung out in Biba. Also details of the fabulous biography of La Casati, Infinite Variety.

Norma Kamali - the celebrated New York designer who was the first to sell Biba in the States

Only Lovers Left Alive - Marco & Carrie's record company, including details of Biba: Champagne & Novacaine

Pin-Ups - cult rock posters from the '70s

The Roof Gardens - official site of the Roof Gardens at the Derry & Toms building

Sixties City - an excellent and exhaustive guide to all things Sixties

Trash Fiction - the best paperback site in the world

Vintage Mode - A Biba-themed Vintage Fashion Fair

The World of Angélique - related to this site via Anna Ludlow